Wine Cellar Mistakes

They say wine grows better with age, but that’s only true if it’s stored in the right conditions. Storing your wine properly requires you to don’t make some of the mistakes that we will soon discuss. You don’t need to go bankrupt trying to build the perfect, large wine cellar to store your wine, especially if your budget doesn’t allow it. Still, you need to ensure that it is the optimal environment for storage.


Here are 6 things that you need to avoid doing if you want the best results for your wine cellar:

  • Choosing the wrong cellar door: You need to choose a door that completely seals air out from the cellar when it’s closed. Don’t choose the door because it looks good; choose it because it’s what your cellar needs. The door you choose should provide good insulation and an airtight seal.
  •  Neglecting the vapor barrier: Your vapor barrier is what helps keep your cellar in the best condition for your wine bottles. It will prevent moisture from entering the cellar and causing mold and mildew.
  • Insufficiently insulating your cellar: You must remember that proper insulation is extremely necessary. Make sure you insulate your cellar walls with the right materials. Insulation can depend on the size of your cellar and the climate your cellar is located in, amongst other things.
  • Failing to provide climate control equipment for your wine cellar: There are specially-made equipment designed to provide the best temperature and humidity levels within your cellar. They are even designed to make adjustments when a change of temperature or humidity is needed.
  • Installing improper lighting: If the lights in your cellar are too bright or produce too much heat, that’s a problem. Try to make the lighting in the cellar, pot lights which aim right at the wine racks that hold the wine bottles.  
  • Buying the wrong wine racks: Once again, we repeat, don’t buy it because it looks good; buy it because it’s what your cellar needs. Get wine racks which are durable, long lasting, are the proper size and more.


Do a little research and see which the best options for you are. We’ve also got a very attractive option for you. Do a little research and see which the best options for you are. If you are looking for professional grade wine storage for your wine collection then give us a call to discuss the climate controlled and secure wine storage options we have available to keep your fine wines safely stored in our wine storage facility in New Jersey.



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