Awesome Wine Gifts You’ll Love

Do you have to attend a friend or relative’s wedding and you don’t know what to get them? Is someone special’s birthday coming up? Is one of your loved ones going away and you’d like to give them a little something to remember you by? You can give them a wine-related gift. However, you don’t always have to give someone else a gift; sometimes you can give yourself a gift. Think of something you like and get it for yourself. You’ll be pleased, especially if they’re one of these wine-related gifts we want to talk to you about. Check them out. • Cork Cheese Knives: Cheese goes well with wine and wine corks go well with cheese knives. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how dainty these little knives look with the wine bottle corks as the handles. • Recycled Wine Bottle Tea Lights: You can even make them yourself. They’re gorgeous centerpieces made of candles; metal stands and recycled wine bottles. • Cork Cage Ornaments: These tiny little decorations are just adorable! They’re lovely little keepsakes for you or your guests; they can remind you of the joys of your wine-drinking expeditions. • Origine Corkscrew: This is a stylishly designed, handy little tool that’s just right to help you start the drinking. It is made from French oak barrels, and stainless steel; it’s also got a little retractable knife. • Recycled Wine Bottle Tumblers: These little green tumblers are made from recycled wine bottles and they’re a great, earth-friendly addition to your home. We hope you like these lovely gift ideas for wine lovers. We can offer you professional grade wine storage for your wine collection and we can also get advice about storing your wine at home. Give us a call to discuss the climate controlled and secure wine storage options we have available to keep your fine wines safely stored in our wine storage facility in New Jersey.



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