Opened Wine Bottles

Let’s say you and the girls were planning to have a great girl’s night over at your place, but they all cancelled. Sigh! That’s depressing that you decide to have a whole bottle of wine yourself. So you pop it open and get your diamond-studded wine glass for really special occasions, such as this, “Girl night in”. The only problem is that you only made it to less than halfway down the bottle and you’re ready to rest your pretty little head on your perfect little satin pillow. Now, the most important questions remain and they are: “can the wine go bad?” and “how long will that remaining wine last?”Good questions. Well, once wine is opened, it begins to oxidize. Yes, air can improve wine’s flavor, but it can also cause it to deteriorate, just like a fresh fruit does when you start eating it or you cut it and then you just leave it there. However, there are different life spans for the different wines that have been opened. We will show them to you. • Sparkling Wine: 24 hour lifespan, but once opened, it will start to go flat and lose its fizz. • White Wine: 1 – 3 day lifespan, but once opened, the fresh fruit flavors will start to fade. • Rosé Wine: 1 – 3 day lifespan (in the refrigerator), but once opened, they will fade quickly. Try them out and see if they tickle your fancy. We can offer you professional grade wine storage for your wine collection and we can also get advice about storing your wine at home. Give us a call to discuss the climate controlled and secure wine storage options we have available to keep your fine wines safely stored in our wine storage facility in New Jersey.



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