The Smells You Don’t Want Your Wine To Have

Wine is a combination of the five senses. You experience it in so many ways, but most times, the experience is most vividly had when the senses of taste and smell are what we use. We’re going to focus on the smell of the wine in this article. We want to show you some of the smells that you don’t want associated with your wine at all. Read on... • You don’t want your wine to smell oxidized. This means that it will have a smell that’s stale, nutty, maybe a little like burned marshmallow, or stewed fruit. You can even see the difference in oxidized wine. It starts to look brown instead of brick red or golden/tawny. • You don’t want your wine to have a volatile acidity. This bacterial spoilage may cause your wine to small like vinegar, Easter egg dye or nail polish remover. • You don’t want your wine to small like sulfur. This is a really horrid one – your wine smalls like rotten eggs when hydrogen sulfur has formed in it. Don’t confuse this with sulfites. Although sulfur is used to prevent bacteria or microbes, the improper use or the overuse can cause it to form hydrogen sulfide. • You don’t want to smell brettanomyces: Have you ever smelled Band-aids, cherry cough syrup, a barnyard or a sweaty horse blanket? That’s pretty much the smell of “brett”, which is simply put, yeast spoilage. • You don’t want to smell cork taint: Like the name implies, this is what happens when the wine gets spoiled or tainted chemical called TCA develops in the cork • You don’t want to smell sulfites: A sulfite is what you smell when you strike a match against a matchbox. Sulfur dioxide is a sulfite that an antioxidant which is added to a wine so that it doesn’t get contaminated by bacteria. You should get a new bottle of wine if you smell this. Start sniffing that wine! We can offer you professional grade wine storage for your wine collection and we can also get advice about storing your wine at home. Give us a call to discuss the climate controlled and secure wine storage options we have available to keep your fine wines safely stored in our wine storage facility in New Jersey.



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