Wine Outdoes Beer!

Wondering which drink to bring to the party next week? We think you should bring wine instead of beer. Why? We’ve got our reasons…which we’ll share with you. So the next time you’ve got an event to attend or an event to host, you should rethink buying beer. Here’s why… • Wine is actually quite good for you: Despite whatever arguments you’ve heard that states the contrary, you should know that wine is actually great for your heart. Check out people in France for instance – they have less heart problems than Americans because of all the wine they drive. • Wine is usually cheaper: Believe it or not you can actually get some really cheap wines. Yes, we know some of them can be really expensive, but you can actually find wine that’s $10 or less! • Wine gets finer with age: This applies to certain ones, though. Some of them are best drunk soon after you get them, while the taste of others do improve a time passes. • Wine is much more sensual: Beer isn’t okay for every occasion…but wine is. You don’t want to ruin a nice classy date by bringing a six pack (we’re talking about beer) to the dinner table for your dream girl. Leave the beer for your buddies. • Wine is yummy: We’re not saying beer tastes bad; we’re just saying that wine tastes good. A really great wine can taste amazing and everyone will love it, plus there are lots of options to choose from, so you’re not stuck to red. Try wine out and see if it tickles your fancy. We can offer you professional grade wine storage for your wine collection and we can also get advice about storing your wine at home. Give us a call to discuss the climate controlled and secure wine storage options we have available to keep your fine wines safely stored in our wine storage facility in New Jersey.



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