Red Wine Grape Locations

If you’re really interested in red wines, then you probably know all the places you can run into, in order to get your wine at a moment’s notice, but do you know where those wines you get in the store actually come from? Or furthermore, where the grapes that make them come from? No worries – we have made this entire article about the locations that you can get the best types of wine grapes for the various types of red wine. Red Wine Grapes… • Cabernet – Bordeaux, France • CabernetFranc – Bordeaux, France • Gamay - Beaujolais, France • Grenache – Spain; Austrailia • Malbec - Bordeaux, France; Chile; Rhone, France • Merlot – Washington State; Chile • Nebbiolo – Piedmont, Italy • Petite Syrah – California • Pinot Noir - Burgundy, France; Oregon, Canada; Champagne, France • Syrah/Shiraz – Australia; California • Sangiovese – Tuscany, Italy • Tempranillo – Rioja, Spain • Zinfandel – California; Bordeaux, France If you are looking for professional grade wine storage for your wine collection than give us a call to discuss the climate controlled and secure wine storage options we have available to keep your fine wines safely stored in our wine storage facility in New Jersey.