How To Pair Wine and Cheese

If you’ve never heard of pairing your wine with food, then you probably aren’t a huge wine fanatic. Most avid wine-drinkers know that you can pair wine with certain foods to get the utmost taste or sensation out of them. When pairing wine with cheese, you’ll be better able to make the best choices concerning he pairs, when you take a look at this list. We’ll show you the wines and the cheeses that pair best with them. Champagne – Camambert Cheese Chardonnay - Brie Cheese Sparkling Wine - Robiola Cheese Pinot Blanc - Taleggio Cheese Cabernet Sauvignon – Cheddar Cheese Merlot – Gouda Cheese Zinfandel – Double Gloucester Cheese Chianti – Parmesan Cheese Sauvignon Blanc – Gruyere Cheese Bardolino – Fontina Cheese Valpolicella – Pecorino Cheese Port – Gorgonzola Cheese Riesling - Blue Cheese Sauternes – Stilton Cheese Tocai Friulano - Burrata Cheese Pinot Grigrio – Ricotta Cheese Sauvignon Blanc – Mozzarella Cheese Chenin Blanc – Goat Cheese Beaujolais – Feta Cheese Try them out and see which of them tickle your fancy. If you are looking for professional grade wine storage for your wine collection than give us a call to discuss the climate controlled and secure wine storage options, we have available to keep your fine wines safely stored in our wine storage facility in New Jersey.



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