Storing Your Wine Properly With These Tips

You may be a novice in the wine world or maybe you’re simply an expert in the field. Either way, you need to figure out where or how you’re going to store your wine if you intend on starting a collection. Wine is actually quite sensitive to the elements within the environment. You need to ensure that you keep it in the right environment in order to get the best out of it in terms of taste, smell and feel. We’ll show you the way to properly store your wine, whether you want to store it for a little while or for an extended period. • Too much light, especially direct sunlight isn’t good for your wine at all, because of the ultraviolet rays that interfere with the wine’s evolution. A darker area is better for the wine, despite the fact that the more modern wine bottles are made with glass that filters out UV rays. • Your wine should be stored in an area that has a relatively constant temperature that’s close to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Distinct shifts in temperature can actually negatively alter the aging process of the wine. Temperatures that are too warm may actually cause the wine to have a vinegar edge taste. • Be careful how you position it. You should always remember that you need to store your bottles horizontally (at an angle that isn’t greater than 25 degrees). Keeping the cork moist in the bottle will stop it from getting “corked”. • Wine can actually absorb the odors of things in its environment, so desist from storing it in places where things with very strong odors are stored. • Make sure that the area that you store your wine in is more humid. Don’t let the environment be dry, because it will destroy the aging process of the wine. • Constant vibration or bumping of the wine can change the taste of it, believe it or not. You need to ensure that your wine is stored in an area that is free from such disturbances. If you are looking for professional grade wine storage for your wine collection than give us a call to discuss the climate controlled and secure wine storage options we have available to keep your fine wines safely stored in our wine storage facility in New Jersey.



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