Comparisons Between Various Portugal Wines

There are an amazing number of different types of grapes in Portugal. Can you imagine that Portugal is not even half as big as Washington state? Impressive. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of their top 10 wines. We’re going to show you some of the wines they have today and we’re going to show you some comparisons between various Portugal wine grapes.


  • There’s Cabernet Sauvignon vs. Touriga Nacional: The Touriga Nacional wins, being one of the deeper, darker and lustier, with the notes of currants, violets and plum. The wines made from them are actually know to age much better.


  • There’s Merlot vs. Touriga Franca: The Touriga Franca wins. It is a grape with some more fruity and acidity – it’s like Merlot is to Cabernet Sauvignon.


  • There’s Chardonnay vs. Encruzado: The Antao Vaz and Encruzado takes the role of the lemon and baked apple flavors in Chardonnay. The amount of oaks used in your variety can alter the flavor from zesty to buttery.


  • There’s Syrah vs. Jaen: Both Syrah and Jaen are grapes with a lot of up front flavor, the taste can be altered to bold or sweet, or savory and earthy.


  • There’s Pinot vs. Baga: Baga can produce quite delicate, light and smooth red wines, just like in sparkling wines.


  • There’s Pinot Gris vs. Alvarinho: Just like the Pinot Gris, the Alwarinho is a quite refreshing acidic white wine that boosts fruity flavors such as peach, lemon and flowers.



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