Some Basic Guidelines For Wine Serving Temperature

There are many different wines on the market, some of which may be in your wine collection as well. The different wines all have special flavours and aromas, which can be unleashed at their best, when they are stored and then served at specific temperatures. Room temperature doesn’t work for wines, because it may cause it to begin vaporizing. Also, when the wine’s temperature is lower than room temperature, it would begin heating up after being served and thus, release the aromas and flavours of the various types of wine.


There are a number of different wines which require that you serve them at different temperatures in order for you to enjoy them fully. Look below at the wine serving temperatures that will give you the best results for various types of wine.


  • Vintage Port: 66° Fahrenheit or 19° Celsius


  • Shiraz and other red wines: 64° Fahrenheit or 18° Celsius


  • Red Burgundy, Cabernet: 63° Fahrenheit or 17° Celsius


  • Pinot Noir: 61° Fahrenheit or 16° Celsius


  • Chianti, Zinfandel: 59° Fahrenheit or 15° Celsius


  • Tawny/NV Port, Madeira: 57° Fahrenheit or 14° Celsius


  • All wines: 55° Fahrenheit or 13° Celsius


  • Beaujolais, Rose: 54° Fahrenheit or 12° Celsius


  • Sauternes: 52° Fahrenheit or 11° Celsius


  • Most white wines: 50° Fahrenheit or 10° Celsius


  • Chardonnay: 48° Fahrenheit or 9° Celsius


  • Riesling: 47° Fahrenheit or 8° Celsius


  • Champagne: 45° Fahrenheit or 7° Celsius


  • Ice Wines: 43° Fahrenheit or 6° Celsius


  • Asti Spumanti: 41° Fahrenheit or 5° Celsius


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