Storing Your Wine Bottle Properly To Prevent Heat Damage

Wine can be quite a sensitive alcoholic beverage, which is said to age well, but at the same time, age terribly due to unsuitable situations or factors within the environment, especially heat. There are a number of things that you should think about, when storing a wine bottle if you want to prevent heat damage to your wine.


Remember, you should not store wine at temperature over 70 degrees for a very long time, tainting the wine’s flavor. Don’t store it over 80 degrees for sure, because it will be just as bad as if you put the wine on a stove to boil. You’ll be damaging the taste, making it taste jammy and sour. You’ll also cause oxidizing problems because heat can compromise the bottle’s seal.


That’s why you shouldn’t ever store your wine in the car, because your car will likely get very hot, very quickly. Your vehicle may reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit on a day in the summer.


However, your wine may be damaged before you even get to it. Think back, to see if the store you bought the wine from is hot or muggy. That would be a sign that your wine is probably already spoiled.


Your home could possibly be too warm as well. It may also fluctuate quite a bit and rising and falling temperatures is never good. That’s why if you store your wine at home, you should use the cellar or basement or a wine fridge, and you should avoid storing your wine on the top of the fridge or near a window. You should definitely avoid placing it in an attic or garage, because these areas usually keep heat and intensify it at day, while cooling down drastically at night.


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