The Proper Way To Store Your Wine Horizontally

Well, in case you’ve never heard it before, the proper way to store your wine is horizontally. Not standing right-side up, not hanging upside-down, not tilted diagonally. The position of your wine bottle is extremely important. Why? We’ll show you below.


  • One of the reasons is because the liquid needs to remain in contact with the cork, to keep it moist. The more moisture it retains, the less air it will allow to enter your wine and alter its taste and texture.


  • If you don’t store the cork horizontally, it will shrink and cause ait to enter into the bottle, making the wine get a vinegar taste.


  • Store your wine with the label facing the ceiling, so that it is horizontal and you can easily identify the wine that you want. You also won’t risk damaging the wine label if you want plan on reselling the bottle for the most value possible.


  • By storing your wine horizontally, with the label facing upwards, you can prevent the sediments of the wine from settling on the side of the bottle that the wine is located.


  • Don’t throw away the original packaging or the original wooden cases for the wine when you store them. They will help to increase the wine’s significance, as well as they will help to keep the bottles safe. 


  • On the other hand, you can store your champagnes and sparkling wines standing upright. The carbon dioxide that they naturally produce, will form a protective layer in the neck and stops them getting contaminated by the air.   



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