Things That Can Show You That Your Wine Is Spoiled

Storing your wine properly is very important for keeping it tasting and smelling as good as it should. Believe it or not, despite the saying that wine gets more fine as time goes by, this can be false. Depending on the acting factors in the atmosphere, there are a number of things that may happen to your wine.


You probably didn’t know this, but your wine can actually go bad – really bad. That’s why it’s so important that you make sure and store your wine in the right conditions in order to get the best results from it. Unfortunately, you may not get the chance to do that, risking the chances of your wine spoiling. We’re going to show you just how you would know if your wine is no longer any good.



  • ·         If you realize that your wine has gone dull and become brownish. The brown hue indicates that the wine is becoming old or tainted and a wine bottle that has become a deeper yellow, means that most likely, some oxidization has occurred.


  • ·       If the wine cork seems to be pushed out a bit from the bottle, it may mean that the wine has overheated and has expanded inside the bottle.


  • ·         If you find that the wine has a musty or moldy odor, then it has probably turned.


  • ·         If the wine isn’t sherry, but it smells like it, then it has most likely gone bad.


  • ·         If you find that your wine smell like overly stewed fruit or has a heavy raisin smell, etc., then it has probably turned.


  • ·         If the wine smells or tastes kind of like vinegar or sulfur, it has probably gone bad.


  • ·         If there is a flat, lifeless taste or doesn’t taste very fruity anymore, then it’s probably because the wine isn’t good anymore.


  • ·         If you realize that there is a fizzy element to your wine, even though it isn’t sparkling wine, then there has possibly been some sort of secondary fermentation and that means it’s spoiled. 



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