Tips To Preserve Your Wine During Storage

There are a number of factors in the environment which may actually cause it to go bad. Are you storing your wines properly? Here's how to stop them from going bad when you have them stored away. You definitely don’t want to have your wines in storage, expecting them to taste like they’re fit for a king, only to receive a horrible rancid mouthful.


We’re going to show you some of the best tips to use when you want to preserve your wine during storage and enjoy the taste of properly aged wine.


  • Tip #1: Ensure that the temperature in the storage area remains consistent. The wine will oxidize if the temperature rises to 24 degrees Celsius and above. Try to store it below the indicated temperature so that you’ll be able to slow down your wine’s aging process.


  • Tip #2: Keep your wine away from the harmful UV rays of the sun. You need to ensure that the area you’re storing it in, remains cool and dark. If you don’t you’ll ruin the smell and the taste of your wine. If you must store your wine out in the open, you have the option of purchasing a wine climate cabinet that comes with UV protection, so you don’t have to store it in the dark.


  • Tip #3: Remember to control the humidity of the area that you’re storing your wine in. Keep it at about a steady 70 percent. That level of humidity stops the cork from drying out and stops wine evaporation. If you go much higher than that, it may cause mold growth and it may also cause the wine bottle’s labels to fall off eventually.


  • Tip #4: Keep the vibrations in the wine storage area to the minimum. You may be surprised to know that consistent vibrations may actually affect the condition of the wines that you store there. For instance, if you have an older wine, significant vibrations can prevent the sediments from settling, making them gritty and distasteful.


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