Tips For Storing Wooden Furniture Away Properly

Your wooden furniture needs to be carefully prepared and stored away if you want to ensure that when you’re ready to use it again, it’s in very good condition. But why all the fuss? It’s because, believe it or not, wooden furniture can be quite delicate. There are a lot of things that can happen to it if you’re not extremely careful – it can get moldy, cracked, chipped, swollen, broken, termite-infested and more.


To help you avoid these problems with your wooden furniture, we’ve accumulated and listed some great storage tips that you can use to keep them in tip-top shape throughout your storage.


  • Ensure that you treat your wooden furniture so that while in storage it won’t dry out and crack. A great treatment option is polishing, because that gives it all the moisture necessary.


  • Try to keep the temperature stable. Climate control is important as it is drastic changes in temperature that cause wood to expand or contract, thus weakening the item. You can even invest in a humidifier to help control the climate in the storage area or you can come to us – we have climate-controlled storage units.


  • Store your furniture more easily and save space by dissembling them into smaller parts. You can also place the smaller parts of the furniture by storing them in drawers or boxes as well.


  • Be extra careful not to let furniture bounce against each other. There should be sufficient storage space so that you won’t have to stack them up on top of each other, because they may end up getting cracked, scratched or broken.


  • To protect it from getting scratched, cracked or damaged by other items in the storage unit, try covering your furniture with cloth. Don’t ever cover your wooden furniture with plastic because this may create condensation and cause the items to swell.


  • Always elevate your wooden furniture to ensure that there is no water damage to them in case of unexpected events like flash flooding.


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