Tips That Can Help You Safely Store Your Breakables

Antiques, vases, mirrors, dishes, pictures and valuable, delicate items like these, need extra care when they are being stored away or transported. You need to take note of a few important tips and precautions, if you want to ensure that your breakables don’t get broken in the process.


The following tips will help you to ensure that your fragile belongings remain in ideal condition when you’re ready to retrieve them.


  • Use the right size of storage boxes for your fragile items. Ensure that the box you choose for the item is just a little bigger than it. If the box is too big, it’s likely that the item will be able to shift around and break, chip or crack. If you can, try to get boxes that are designed for those particular items you want to store or move.


  • Use protective padding, like Styrofoam padding and Polystyrene filler in your boxes so that your possessions won’t move around inside the storage box. You can even use pillows, comforters and blankets as the filler for the top pf the storage box.


  • Use cardboard dividers so that your fragile items don’t rub against each other and get broken or chipped upon impact.   


  • Use tissue or newsprint to ass a little extra padding between fragile items (like your plates, mugs and dishes) and your storage containers. Ensure that the newspaper is blank, not actual newspaper, so that the glass doesn’t get stained by the ink on the paper.


  • Use a market to write “fragile” on the storage boxes that contain the fragile items that you are storing away or moving. You don’t want to accidentally handle fragile handles very roughly, thinking that they’re something else.


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