Guidelines For Storing Your Items In A Self-Storage Units

There are a number of things that you should do to ensure that your items are carefully stored away in our self-storage unit. We’re going to show you a list of general tips, as well as tips for storing appliances, electronics, pictures and mirrors.  



 Some general storage tips include the following: 

-          Make a list of your items

-          Use moving pads, sheets or light blankets to protect your belongings

-          Label the containers or boxes on each side

-          Use clear plastic containers so that you can see your contents

-          Make sure to park your lighter boxes on top pf the heavier ones

-          Never store flammables or toxins in your unit

-          Never store any food items

-          Insure all of your belongings


Some tips for storing appliances include the following:

-          Always clean them before you store them away

-          Slightly open your doors to prevent mildew


 Some tips for storing your electronics include the following: 

-          Try to store them in the original boxes they came in.

-          Use bubble wrap, cushion foam or even newspaper to pack them in, if you can’t get the original boxes.

-          Use color coded stickers to label corresponding cords


Some tips for storing pictures and mirrors include the following:  

-          Store mirrors or framed pieces on end, instead of storing them flat

-          Wrap small pictures and stand them on end, inside of boxes

-          Buy special picture moving boxes to store larger pictures.  


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