Safely Storing Your Book Collection

If you’ve got a thing for books, whether it be buying, reading or collecting them, you should know a thing or two about book care. Seeing that many books are particularly fragile, especially those paperback ones, you run the risk of damaging them by storing them improperly.


You need to pay attention to book care. That includes, safely and properly storing them away so that they can remain in a great condition. Here are the tips that we’re talking about.


  • Keep your books away from light, head and humidity.
  • Align your books on shelves, according to their height. Try to keep books of similar heights together, so that they don’t unevenly pressure their spines.
  • Ensure that your books are stood upright on the shelf and aren’t packed too tightly or loosely on it either.
  • Avoid storing books horizontally. However, if you can’t avoid horizontal stacking, try not to stack too books on top of each other.
  • If you want to remove your book from the storage area, don’t grasp it at the top of the spine and don’t tilt it either.
  • Never store your books in plastic bags – they tend to trap moisture, encourage mold, cause your books to warp and attract pests. A better idea would be to stroe them in book paper, plain cloth, tissue or paper bags.
  • Clean your books before you store tham away and while they’re in storage, maintain them by dusting them and cleaning the storage area at intervals.


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