Some Very Useful Storage Pointers For You

If you’re going to invest in storage, you should make sure that you try to ensure that you make the most of your self-storage unit. There are a number of things that you need to do to make your entire storage process much more simple and effective. We’re going to show you some great storage pointer that can help you out a whole lot.

  • Always rent just the amount of space you need to have for your self-storage unit.
  • Have all your packaging materials organized and ready to use.
  • Make sure that most of the storage boxes you use are of similar size to make it easier for storage.
  • Try to keep an inventory of all your stuff and keep it stored safely away so that it doesn’t get misplaced or damaged.
  • Place your items on 2x4 boards or pallets or on a protective covering to prevent your items from exposure to dampness.
  • Wipe metal items you are storing, with machine oil so that they don’t rust.
  • Don’t ever store combustibles in your unit.
  • Plan your method of storing your items – place the more fragile items on top; place the more frequently used items at the front; and ensure that there is an aisle in the middle of the storage room to make access easier.  
  • Label your storage boxes or containers, especially if they’re fragile.
  • If you’re storing dishes or glass, make sure and wrap them in paper to stop them from chipping, cracking or scraping against each other.
  • To store items like mattresses, prop them up if you plan to store them on their side so that they don’t lose their shape or get lumpy.
  • Store your sofas or your love seats on end and ensure that you use plastic to wrap the cushions.

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