Items That You Should Store In A Climate Controlled Unit

If you’ve got some items that you want to safely store away from the harmful effects of the elements, then you should definitely consider a climate controlled storage unit for your items. We’re going to show you some of the items that you need to store in a climate control environment.


  • Store consumer electronics in a climate controlled unit, so that you can prevent moisture buildup in the items. Your computers, computer parts, video equipment, audio equipment and other types of electronics are likely to be short circuited or rust if they get into contact with moisture.
  • Store antique wooden furniture in a climate controlled unit, so that that humidity and temperature fluctuations don’t damage your furniture’s structure, by warping or degrading the shape and material.
  • Store leather furniture and other leather items in a climate controlled unit. Leather items can become warped, shrink and even thin out when they experience fluctuations in the humidity of the environment they’re stored in.
  • Store collectibles in a climate controlled unit. We’re talking about things like artwork, wine, and other classic items.
  • Store clothing in a climate controlled unit, so that your clothes will remain in the best condition possible, even after long-term storage. That will ensure that they will feel, look and fit you the same when you take them out of your storage unit.
  • Store media storage equipment in a climate controlled unit to protect your valuable collections from the elements. You need to get climate controlled storage for your DVDs, CDs, cassettes, software, vinyl records and more.
  • Store medical and pharmaceutical supplies in a climate controlled unit. If you don’t, they will begin to degrade when they are stored outside of the normal temperature range.
  • Store important documents in a climate controlled unit, so that they don’t become degraded and illegible.


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