Things You Should Avoid When Storing Your Shoes

If you’ve got a lot of shoes in your closet, some of which you aren’t using at the moment, it’s a good idea to store them away. We’re sure you can use the extra space, right? The only thing is, you can’t just throw your shoes into a big pile in a storage unit – you have to store them right, so that they remain in good condition for when you’re ready to wear them again. Here are some things you need to do.


  • Never ever store your shoes wet, not even if you’re only storing them for a while. Storing your shoes while they’re wet can result in them becoming moldy and developing a horrible odor. You need to store you shoes in a dry, ventilated area and make sure to dry them out thoroughly before you store them away.
  • Never store your leather shoes in plastic. They need to allow them to breathe properly while they’re in storage or else they can become discolored and moldy. Opt for acid-free tissues to store your plastic in, instead.
  • Never store your shoe with mothballs. Store them with cedar instead. Mothballs causes your shoes to smell like them and that smell is going to be very hard to get rid of. Using cedar instead of mothballs will naturally repel moths without the use of chemicals and without leaving your shoes with a smell.
  • Never stack your shoes on top of each other, because that may cause them to lose shape over time. Choose to store them on their sides instead to help preserve their structure.


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