Good Tips For Storing Your Items In A Storage Unit (Part 1)

Not only is storing your items in a storage unit a good idea for your belongings, but packing and storing them properly is very important for keeping them in a good condition as well. That’s why we’re going to show you a number of things that you should do to ensure that you make the most of your storage unit. Check them out…


  • Make sure that you use high quality cardboard boxes to store your items and ensure that you pack them completely so that when they are stacked, they don’t collapse.


  • Always label your boxes so that you can identify them easily.


  • Stack your belongings on wooden crates, to use as a protective barrier between your items and the concrete floor.


  • Allow ventilation between your items by leaving air space between them and the walls.


  • Make sure your appliances are clean before you store them and slightly open the doors of freezers, stoves, microwaves and other appliances.


  • Pack the items you want to access more frequently, toward the front of the storage unit.


  • Pack your more valuable belongings more to the back of the storage unit.


  • Add shelves to your storage unit, so that you can store smaller items on them and save on space.


  • Ensure that you have a high-quality lock to secure your storage unit and keep your items safe.


  • Before you pack any of your items, ensure that they are dry and clean so that they don’t create any mold and mildew.


  • Pack your heavier items at the bottom and your lighter items at the top.


  • Never store food or any other perishable items in your unit.


  • Never store any flammable items like gasoline or fireworks in your unit.


  • At intervals, sweep your unit to keep it clean and check the conditions of your belongings.


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