Some Of The Items You Shouldn’t Store In You Storage Unit

There are a number of items that you may want to store away in your self storage unit, but shouldn’t. Most items can be put away in a unit and be safely set there for a period of time. You should be very careful with the following items when you store them away – try not to place them in your unit.


  • Try not to store certain items of clothing in your storing unit, especially if you have not been wearing those clothes for quite a long time. By the time you’re ready to retrieve them from the unit and wear them, they may be out of style. If you must store your clothes there, make sure it’s only for a short period of time.


  • Be careful when storing toys. If your children’s toys are simple, cheap, and plastic, then you should simply wash them and give them away or sell them. If the toys are antique on the other hand, then you can safely store them away in your unit, to pass them on to the next generation.


  • If you have any collectibles, you should not store these items in your self storage unit, because you may easily forget about them and you won’t be able to sell them to another collector.


  • Avoid storing old gadgets in your self-storage unit, because they just tend to take up a lot of space in there and when you decide to take them out, they usually don’t start working again.


  • Try not to store your family memorabilia and other such items in your self storage unit. A better option is to go through them up and share them up among members of your family who are going to value it like you would.


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