Things To NOT Store In A Self Storage Unit

Although self storage units are convenient for storing a wide range of items, there are just some things that you should never store in your unit. We are going to show you a number of things that you definitely should not store in your storage unit, because they may result in horrendous issues for your unit and for the other items in storage. Check them out…


  • Do NOT store hazardous materials in your unit. We’re talking about toxic or flammable items like paint, gasoline, propane, fireworks, etc.


  • Do NOT store perishable foods, because they may attract pests, such as insects and rats. Foods are also likely to spoil while in storage as well.


  • Do NOT store electronic devices in your self storage unit, because in most cases, these units may become very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, causing the electronics to spoil.


  • Do NOT store valuables in your unit. Jewelry for instance, isn’t something you should store in your unit. Neither are irreplaceable objects, like photo albums and antiques, of great sentimental value.


  • Do NOT store plants in your self storage unit, because they’ll probably just die in there. The area may just be too dark, the temperature may not be right, there may not be the correct levels of carbon dioxide or oxygen in the unit and the wet soil may lead to mold or bad odors.


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