Several Important Things To Remember When Storing Winter Clothing

Storing away your winter clothing after the snow has all gone away, is important for helping you to make space for your spring clothing. It’s also important for keeping your winter clothing in good condition so you’ll be able to use it for the next season. We’re going to show you some of the great tips you can use when you’re storing your winter clothing away…


  • Maybe there are a lot of winter clothes you just don’t wear. Those clothes are of no use and they’ll be much more useful to someone else. Give them away, so that you can free up some space to store your other items.
  • Make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned before you store it away. Remove stains if you can and avoid using starch and fabric softeners, because they may attract insects.
  • Use cedar blocks, bags of lavender or moth balls in the area that you’re going to be storing your clothing to keep moths and other pests away from damaging your clothing.
  • Be careful with the storage containers you use to store your winter clothing. Opt for plastic containers, instead of cardboard boxes because they are a better protection against humidity and insects.
  • If you have heavier clothing, like coats, you should hand them on plastic or wooden hangers (instead of wire hangers) to help them keep their shape. If you have things like knits and sweaters, you should fold them or roll them up tightly to stop creases from forming in your clothes.
  • Store like items together so that they would be easier for you to find when you’re ready to pull them out from storage.
  • Ensure that you store your winter-wear in a cool, dry, dark and well-ventilated area, so that your clothes don’t fade or mildew.
  • Make regularly check, so that you’ll know how your clothing is doing.


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