Tips For Protecting Different, Delicate Types Of Items In Your Storage Unit

Different types of items require different types of actions to properly care for and protect your items when you’ve placed them in storage. Here, we’re going to show you just what to do to care for the various items you wish to store away.


  • If you’re storing art, make sure that you store them in a climate controlled environment, with a temperature of 60 - 75 °F, because in extreme temperatures, paintings and fine art may expand or shrink. This can result in mold or mildew growing and beginning then ruin your work.
  • If you’re storing delicate fabrics, you should store them in climate controlled environments with temperatures between 35 - 75 °F. The clothes, antique toys, upholstered furniture or delicate fabrics should may develop mold or mildew of the environment is humid.
  • If you’re storing delicate paper items, like books, comics, photographs and magazines need to be store in temperatures of 35 - 75 °F with 35% relative humidity. Also, keep your items away from direct light so they don’t fade.
  • If you’re storing electronics, you should know that they are best store in temperatures of between 50 - 80 °F and 30 - 60% relative humidity, otherwise they can corrode and grow mold.
  • If you’re storing metals, you should know that they should be stored at temperatures of between 35 - 75 °F and 35 - 55% relative humidity, so that the iron doesn’t rust, the lead won’t turn into a white powder or the copper won’t turn green, silver won’t turn black.
  • If you’re storing optical discs, such as DVDs or CDs, you should make sure that the storage environment is between 65 - 70 °F with 45 - 50% relative humidity. Never expose them to direct light.


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