Great Tips For Storing Your Battery In The Winter

If you want to ensure that your batteries remain in good condition after you have stored them throughout the winter months, then you should take some tips from this article. That way, you can use them to ensure that your batteries will work well when you have finished storing them away for the winter.


Here are some of the very tis you will need to diminish any possible damage that may happen to the batteries you store away.


  • You should get rid of any corrosion that’s present on the battery, by using a water and baking soda mixture. After you’ve applied that, clean and dry it off, so that you can eliminate the potential paths of discharge.


  • Use your wire brush to clean the terminals and eliminate any corrosion that remains.


  • Disconnect your battery if it’s being stored in a vehicle, so that you can avoid self-discharge, from things such as the ground faults, clocks and radios.


  • Ensure that before you store your battery, you fully charge it.


  • If your battery has removable vent caps, then you should check the electrolyte battery fluid level in the battery cells. You can even add water to bring up the fluid level to just beneath the filler tube, but you need to fully charge the battery up before you top up the electrolyte.


  • Ensure that you keep your battery over 75% state-of-charge and ensure that you keep a check on it every 90 days. If it needs recharging, then do that.


  • Make sure that the place that you want to store your battery is no less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but no more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Never allow your battery to freeze and never try to charge a frozen battery up, or else they may explode.


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