How To Know When To Use Climate Controlled Storage Units

If you’re interested in using self-storage to store your personal belongings for a specific time, you should consider the conditions that your items will need for that time. There are a number of things you need to focus on in relation to if you’ll need to use climate control for your belongings. Here are some points that can show you when to use this climate controlled storage…


Consider the local climate and the time of year of the area you want to store your items in. Remember that there are extreme temperatures and severe weather which can damage your items if they are not secured in a controlled climate. You don’t want to be storing your items in any environment which is too damp or humid, because they are most likely to cause damage to your belongings.


Consider the amount of time you want to store your belongings in the storage unit. If you’re storing your belongings in the unit for only a short time, then you can store them without considering climate control. However, if you plan to keep them in storage for longer periods or if you are unsure about the length of time you’ll be storing them, then you need to ensure that the storage unit is climate controlled.


Consider the items that you want to store away, because many of them tend to get damaged if they aren’t stored in the right conditions. For instance, if you want to store items like wooden or leather furniture, family valuables, electronics and more, then you should consider using climate controlled storage for them.


Consider the way you are storing your items. The way you’re storing your items will determine if it will last or will be damaged by things like moisture, mold, mildew and more. For example, using sealed plastic bags to store your items, will help to resist moisture, along with climate controlled storage.


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