Storage Tips For Your Fine China

If you’re a user and collector of fine chinaware, you are likely to be appreciative of its beauty and finesse. In order to help retain the beauty of your china and to ensure that it lasts for a very long time, it would be a good idea for you to learn the proper way to store your china away. We’ll show you just what we’re talking about – check it out.

  • China should be wrapped up thoroughly, before it is stored away. Every lid for every sauce, every cup, every plate – everything should be wrapped up. You can use bubble wrap or you can use butcher paper to get it done, so that when it’s moving around it can be protected.
  • When storing fine china away, make sure to turn the plates and bowls on their sides, because their edged tend to be stronger than their centers. Just make sure to use extra packing material around them when you’re storing them like this as well.
  • Don’t store your fine china using newspaper as packing or wrapping material, because it may actually alter the quality of your china.
  • If you’re storing your china away using plastic storage bins or cardboard boxes, you should use cardboard dividers to prevent the china from knocking against each other and breaking or cracking.
  • Create an inventory of all your china items and label your storage bins or boxes, so that you can be sure of what is inside of what’s inside each of them.
  • Try to use the smallest storage bins or boxes you can, so that there is less space for the china you pack into them, to move around. The more snugly they fit, the less likely they are to shift and crack, scratch or break.
  • Make use of a self-storage unit for your fine china storage needs. That way, your items will be safe and undisturbed until you are ready to retrieve them again.


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