Tips To Help Keep Your Storage Unit Smelling Great

Every open up your storage unit and get hit with a heavy, musty odor? It really isn’t pleasant, isn’t it? We know you can stop your storage unit from smelling so unappealing when you open it up, if you simply take note of the following tips. Check them out…

  • For cleaning, use vinegar because it’s great for getting rid of germs and mildew. There are options you can use; you can leave open containers of vinegar in your unit or you can wash some of your items with the vinegar before you store them away. Vinegar helps to acidify the air and kill mildew when it evaporates. It should alleviate the musty smell in your unit, although your unit may smell strongly of vinegar initially.
  • Make use of odor-absorbing material such as baking soda or kitty litter in your unit so that it can absorb the musty smell in your unit. It doesn’t kill the source of the odor, which is mildew, but it sure helps to eliminate the smell.
  • Introduce a better smell to your storage unit. You can use an item which smells very nice, like an air freshener or a rag soaked in vanilla, to overpower the musty smell and give your storage unit a pleasant scent.
  • Make use of a dehumidifier overnight, every few months to stop the musty odor in it tracks. This is particularly important if your storage unit isn’t air conditioned.
  • Use airtight plastic bins to store your items in. They make it much harder for mildew to grow in and if there already is mildew in your items, they make it difficult for the smell to escape their enclosure.
  • Coat your upholstered furniture in plastic-wrap. It does the same things that airtight plastic bins do for the smaller items you store in them. It keeps mildew from growing and if it has already grown, it keeps the musty odor from spreading in the atmosphere.

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