Instructions For Wrapping Furniture To Move It Into Storage

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you’re extra careful with your furniture when you have to move it to your storage area. Wrapping your furniture is a great way to ensure that it remains safe and in great condition while it’s on the way, especially if it’s wooden furniture which can be easily scratched, dented and cracked. Here are the steps you need to use when wrapping:


  • Ensure that you have enough packing paper for the furniture you want to wrap up.


  • Approach the wrapping like you’re about to wrap up a birthday present. Spread open the paper and place your furniture in the middle of it, ensuring that there is sufficient
  • paper on each side.


  • It’s a good idea to be neat, but you don’t have to get it perfectly wrapped.


  • After you’ve done that, you can use your shrink wrap to go around wrapping the furniture to keep the paper in place.


  • Now, get a flat, clean piece of cardboard and fold it around your furniture’s corners.
  • Tape the cardboard around the corners of the furniture.


  • Finally, tape the cardboard firmly in place and place another layer of shrink wrap around the piece of furniture, to seal it.


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