Keeping Your Items Safe While In Self Storage

Can you imagine storing away some of your most prized possessions, thinking that they’re all safe and sound, only to discover that when you remove them from storage, they’ve deteriorated horribly? Re-opening your storage unit, only to find that all or most of your belongings are damaged, is going to really disappoint you and cost you quite a lot as well.


Our storage units are very focused on ensuring that your belongings stay safe, sound and damage-free. They are actually quite reliable, but we still advise that you focus on keeping your belongings safe while stored in our unit. We’re going to show you some of the things you can do that.


  • You may want to save some cash on self-storage by using a smaller storage unit and stacking your furniture on each other to save space. However, if you’re going to stack your furniture up, you should ensure that you prepare them for that. Place a dust sheet between them so that you can lessen the likelihood of fabric tears or scratches occurring.
  • Never pile a number of items like boxes and storage containers on cushions or mattresses, because after a while they will fatten them. You should keep these cushions or mattresses free of pressure while they are in storage.
  • If you plan to store metal objects or tools in your storage unit, you should keep them from rusting by coating them with a little oil.
  • Ensure that your photographs are stored in a climate controlled environment. They need to be properly protected and placed in boxes or containers, away from humidity, direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and more.


If you are looking for affordable storage during a move or for those extra items you want to hang onto then check out our storage facility in New Jersey for climate controlled and safe self storage in New Jersey and surrounding areas. We have affordable storage units for any budget to store your good in a state-of-the-art storage unit.







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