Tips For Storing Away Your Child’s Baby Clothing

The memories you make with your children in their earliest years of life are some of the rarest and most precious moments you can ever experience in life. Those are memories you’d want to preserve, so that you’ll be able to reminisce on them as time goes by. It’s no wonder parents try so hard to hang onto the memorabilia that they can…even when their child has grown, gotten married and has children of their own. Check out some great tips that you can use to store your child’s precious baby stuff to keep a hold on the good times…


  • First of all, you can’t keep anything, or else it may all turn to clutter, so we advise that you keep clothing that’s in good behavior and have immense sentimental value to you.


  • Ensure that your clothes don’t have visible stains or tears, and they won’t go out of style, just in case you decide that you want to pass them on to a close family member one day.


  • Make sure to wash and thoroughly dry each piece of clothing, wrap them in acid-free archival tissue before you store them away.


  • Be sure not to store the items in plastic bags, so that they don’t build up moisture and result in mold and mildew.


  • Separate the clothing into different storage containers, according to the different sizes and label them.


  • Use acid-free storage boxes or polypropylene plastic lidded bins to store the little clothes.


  • Don’t forget to add mothballs or cedar blocks to help ward off pests from damaging the items.


  • Store them away in a storage unit to keep them safe and in good condition, instead of in a garage, attic, basement, etc.


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