Tips For Storing Your Summer Items Away For The Season

Your summer items aren’t going to be of any use to you for the next several months, because right now, it’s winter time. There’s not going to be much sun and water fun for the time being, so it’s a good idea to secure your items until summer time comes back again. Here are some useful tips for storing these different items during the winter:


Storing away your beach supplies…

-          Ensure that you completely dry all your supplies before you store them away.

-          Allow them space between each item so that air can pass between them.

-          Use moisture absorbers to ensure that mold/mildew does not grow and the item doesn’t get a musty smell.


Storing away your summer clothes…

-          Use plastic containers to protect your clothing and to make them easy to see.

-          Loosely fold your items so that they don’t get permanently creased.

-          Make sure to wash and dry your clothing before you store them away.

-          Keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean by placing satchels of dried lavender or dryer sheets.

-          Hang summer clothing in wardrobe boxes.


Storing away your patio furniture…

-          Cover your furniture with dust or furniture covers.

-          Ensure that you disconnect the tank of a grill when storing it.

-          Use dry, plastic containers when storing placemats, table cloths and other accessories.


Storing away your sports gear and sports vehicles…

-          Ensure that they are cleaned and completely dry before you store them away.

-          Remove all the fuel from those machines before storage.

-          Cover those items to prevent their foam or rubber materials from getting damaged.

-          Place a dust cover on the ground before you store your items.


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