Self-Storage Tips for College Students

The start of fall semester is just around the bend, and countless college students are fussing over dorm spaces and apartments. You may be one of them. With all that you own and the hassle to move every semester, it’s a bit difficult to shift and stuff everything you own into tiny dorm rooms or apartments that you must share with two other roommates.  If you haven’t considered it, self-storage units can provide you with some much-needed extra space.

You may find the following tips useful for storing away your valuables.

Find the storage facility that’s right for you

You may be staying in an area where several storage facilities are available to you. Each one may offer a feature or service that is different from the other. Be sure to browse around a pay specific attention to your needs. Know your options before settling on a unit.

Remember to consider the distance from campus, if it’s easily accessible, and also if there’s good security provided.


Choose the right storage size

Would you like to have a drive-up unit, an indoor unit or a unit on the ground floor? Choosing the most suitable unit for your needs will make moving easier, and it provides you with enough space to pack your furniture, clothing and extra school supplies.

Be Sure to Clean Your Things

Remember to clean your belongings before moving them into your unit. Pay special attention to your refrigerators and microwaves, be sure to empty all their contents. Cleaning your items avoids the growth of mould and bacteria while in the unit.

Pack smart

Place your books and small items in small, manageable boxes. This is to avoid lifting large, awkward boxes and hurting yourself. Hang your bulky clothing and blankets in wardrobe boxes, and wrap your breakables like plates and other dishes in newspaper or whatever you have available to avoid damaging them during the move.


Put Labels on Everything

Be sure to label your boxes with a permanent marker. Post-it notes and sticky tabs won’t work; they will fall off and leave you fussing to figure out which box contains what.

Use Your Space Wisely

Pack your boxes and other things along the walls of your storage unit, and leave a path in the middle to move comfortably between them. Also remember to pack the larger boxes at the bottom, then work your way up with smaller boxes at the top.

Remember your access code

Save your gate access code in your smartphone or write it down on the back of a business card and keep it in your wallet.


Don’t wait until last minute

Many students may find themselves in need of storage facilities, you should reserve your unit as soon as possible. Doing this avoids the hassle of hunting for available spaces or finding yourself without a place to stash your belongings.


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