How to Organise Your Self-Storage Unit

You finally have access to your new storage unit and you’re convinced that you’ve chosen the perfect room for your storage needs. Now that you’re ready to pack all your things you begin to second guess yourself. You have more things than you initially thought.

How do you get it all to fit?

The first you need to consider is how often will you need to access the unit and get to your things?

If you need to access the unit frequently you should pack your belongings in a way that leaves a pathway to the back of the unit. Place items that you use regularly nearest to the door. Most of the time these items are placed last on the moving truck and are the first to be removed. When you’re unpacking, put your frequently used item aside so you can pack them into your storage room last.

Shelves also help to make your valuables easier pack away and to access. It increases storage space by taking advantage of the room’s height.  

If you will not be accessing your storage unit regularly, rent the smallest room that most suitable for you and be sure to use up every inch of space. Remember to place heavier items on the bottom and lighter, more fragile items at the top. Leave enough air space between each item and the walls. 


  • Do not place heavy or sharp utensils with upholstered furniture. Cover your furniture and large appliances with a blanket to reduce exposure to dust and other contaminants.
  • Stack heavy items at the bottom, and light or irregular time shaped items on top. It will also be useful to mark the boxes Light, Medium & Heavy while packing. Do not stack too many items at a time.
  • To store tables, remove their legs if it’s possible and prop the table top up sideways along a wall or other suitable surface. Place the screws or bolts into a small bag and tape it to the table top.
  • It is not advised to store wooden items on top of each other without using fabric or cardboard between the pieces.
  • Use the drawers of dressers to store smaller items when it is storage
  • Make a list of the contents of each of the boxes in your unit and make a simple map or diagram, to make later retrieval easier.


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