There are times when life throws us a curve ball, and we have no choice but to catch it and toss it into storage. There are several relatable moments in our lives when renting a self-storage unit is the best way to help you get our bearings.

Here are six moments where you may find yourself benefiting from a self-storage unit:


You’re moving to a new household and there isn’t much room for your old valuables. You can keep them or sell them with a self-storage unit.

Whether you’re moving from a home to a condo, a cabin in the woods or even a retirement home, you can store your things after you furnish your space and decide on the things that you can’t stand to part ways with.

You may not have access to a garage in your new space, so you can opt to place your seasonal belongings, like your skis, snowmobiles and jet packs into storage.


Whether you’re plagued with flooded basements, backed up sewers, fires, or blizzards you can use a storage unit to move your valuables as quickly as possible.

If there are warnings in your area for storms or fires, be sure to rent your storage unit and stock up on supplies in advance. Self-storage units, as well as supplies, tend to sell out quickly during these events. By putting your possessions into storage, you ensure the everything is kept safe while you deal with insurance claims and repairs.


As divorcees start allocating their possessions and removing them from the wedded home, a storage unit gives them a place to keep their valuables safe and the freedom to access to their things whenever they please.

If you’re moving into a furnished rental space for a fleeting time, you can rent a smaller space and use a storage unit for your bigger things until you’re financially stable enough to move on and purchase a new property.

You can also place your treasured personal items into storage to avoid having them sold as shared assets.


Are you dealing with a death? You can safeguard what’s precious by placing it into storage.

You may opt to use Valet Boxes to store precious memories and valuables of a loved one until the will is settled, to ensure that family members or care providers don’t pilfer items.

If you’re looking to declutter the house to improve its resale value, you can quickly place items into a storage unit and filter through it in your own time.


Is the closing date is delayed? You can stash your valuables in a self-storage until your new home is ready for you. If your new home won’t be ready in time for you, or if the selling and closing dates don’t match up, you can use a storage unit to close the gap. For a brief period, it is cheaper to place your valuables into storage than it is to keep them on the moving truck.

If you’re purchasing brand new furniture or appliances for your new space, you can hunt for bargains in advance and place them in storage.


If you’re moving, you can’t take all your things with you, you can keep it safe in a storage unit.

Transferring for a new job? Is your landlord selling your rental property?  Are students are coming home for the summer? These sudden moves can be accommodated with a storage unit.


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