How to Store Your Patio Furniture for The Winter

It time to pack away your outdoor living area and shelter your patio furniture for the winter season. Even your weather-resistant furniture can last longer when stored in a temperate, dry environment, such as a storage unit. Here are some tips on how to properly store and preserve different types of patio furniture in a storage unit.


Clean Your Furniture Before Placing It in Storage to Avoid Damage

No matter what it is made from, all outdoor furniture benefits from being meticulously cleaned and mended before stowing it away in a storage locker for the season. One thing to note here, however, is that different patio furniture materials require different cleaning methods to prevent damage.


    • For metal furniture, be sure to check for rust. If there is any, you can use a wire brush and clean it off and then rinse off with a hose. For further protection, you should spray it with a silicone sealant.
    • You can simply wipe down wicker pieces with a wet cloth or some dish detergent solution. You can also add a coat of paste wax to help prolong the life of the furniture.
    • With this type of material, should be carefully washed with a dish detergent solution and rinsed off.
  • WOOD
    • Do not use dish detergent on your wooden furniture. They benefit from being cleaned with Murphy oil soap and water. Then rinse and leave to dry.
    • Clean the fabric with a cleaning solution and hot water or if the labels specify toss the covers into your washing machine. If you can safely add a little bleach when you wash them, that will also help to kill mildew. The cushions should dry completely before you store them in a bag or the storage unit. This prevents mould and mildew growth.
    • You should use a mild detergent solution to scrub the fabric of your umbrella. Allow it dry in an open position and oil all its moving pieces. Remember to close it up for storage.


Use Covers to Protect Your Furniture from Damage

When storing away your furniture, you should always use covers to protect them. Leaving your furniture uncovered allows dust to build-up that, over time, can damage materials, including upholstery, wood and other fabrics.


Reserve Your Unit at The End of The Summer or The Beginning of The Fall

If you are planning to store your patio furniture in a storage unit, it would be a good idea to reserve your space at the end of summer or in early fall to ensure that you have a storage unit when you need it, as this time tends to be busier for self-storage.


Ideal Unit Size Ranges From 5×7 To 7×10

Depending on the number of furniture pieces you have and whether they can be stacked on top of each other or not, it would be best to rent units in the 5×7 to 7×10 range. These sizes permit enough space to store your patio sets securely and still have room to manoeuvre around the room.


Check on Your Unit from Time to Time

Check on your unit from occasionally, to certify that no damage has occurred. You may opt to check on your storage unit once a month, or once every other month.


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