How to Store Your Wine Correctly

You have picked up the finest bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and you have left it to age for a couple of years or maybe just a couple of days. But you are dissatisfied when you open the bottle.

The problem may have a bit more to do with your storage methods than your taste in full-bodied reds. The taste of your next glass is affected by where you keep your wine. To get the best out of every sip, consider the following recommendations for storing wine.

Keep It Cool

If you choose to pay attention to just one principle of wine storage, it should be this one. Temperature is the most important aspect to deal with. The optimum range of temperature for storing wine is between 45 degrees and 65 degrees, with 55 degrees being closest to perfect.

If you usually stash your wines in a rack in your kitchen, it would be an excellent idea to move them to a space that does not experience fluctuations and elevated temperatures.

Maintain Proper Humidity

If humidity levels are too high, it can make the perfect environment for mould to grow. Conversely, if the humidity levels are too low or the environment is too dry, the corks can crack and allow air to into the bottle.

Your wine should be okay if you avoid problematic areas like your kitchen, clammy basements, and spaces near water heaters.

Stay Away From Light

Try with all your might to resist the temptation of putting your bottles of wines on display. Light, particularly UV rays, can prematurely age and degrade wine.

You should opt for a dim area away from any windows, such as a cupboard or low shelf. If there isn’t any available space in your home, wrap your bottles in fabric to block out the light.

Lay Bottles on Their Sides 

Do not forget one of the simplest, but most important tips while you are searching for the perfect location for your wine: Place your wine bottles on their sides.

Wine is preferably stored on its side so that the liquid is always in contact with the cork, keeping it moist. Without adequate moisture, the cork might crumble into your wine, and no one likes cork in their wine.

Use Dedicated Wine Storage

If you are accumulating a collection of wines or have a few special bottles that are ageing, you should consider procuring a wine fridge that will automatically adjust to the correct temperature, humidity and light exposure.

Wine devotees or aficionados who own large collections or who lack adequate space at home should consider self-storage facilities that have dedicated wine storage.

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