Accept the home or office organization challenge of 2018

You can reduce clutter, organize your home and make it a more comfortable productive place by participating in the 2018 Home Organization Challenge. Officially, the challenge begins on January 6th, but don't worry if you read this later. You can still jump in and get organized.

The challenge occurs over a 14 week period. If you read this in March, you can simply begin with the first week's room and work your way through until your home becomes organized. By tackling one room at a time, organizing and cleaning out a household becomes much less challenging.

Get Ready
Stock up on items you'll need. Purchase the following:

  • hearty trash bags,
  • packing boxes,
  • permanent markers,
  • freezer meals.

Don't let the freezer meals throw you off. It's easy to get caught up in what you're doing and the freezer meals ensure you have a ready-made, healthy meal for the family for lunch and dinner.

If you really get psyched up about organizing, pick up the companion book, "The Complete Book of Home Organization" to get tips, ideas and see examples of successful implementation.

Partner Up
Just like a workout program, the organization challenge goes easier if you have an accountability partner. Team up with a friend or family member in another household and do it together. Share in each other's progress at conquering clutter. Check in at the end of each day to update and encourage each other. If you have a blog, post a weekly progress update and get your readers involved. You can also join Facebook groups like Home Organization.

Get Started
During the challenge, you'll ditch the clutter and organize each room week by week. You'll throw away a lot of unneeded papers and broken items. You'll set aside in boxes things that still work, but you don't use or need. These you donate to Goodwill or another charity. Also, donate clothes that no longer fit or you no longer wear. Also, box items you want to keep, but don't need on a daily or weekly basis. These go in a storage facility like Highlands Self Storage in Hardyston, NJ. It provides an array of self storage options including climate controlled rooms. Its storage facility provides suitable spaces for everything from wine collection storage to boat storage. Using a flexible facility such as this provides you a place for the extra dining table and chairs Aunt Bessie gave you and the Sea-Doo you aren't using during winter months. Using a self-storage facility gives you unfettered access and lets you move boxes in after business hours - perfect for two career households. The possibilities for convenient storage New Jersey offers seem endless. You'll find the Garden state dotted with helpful facilities that accommodate your schedule and climate control needs.

The Schedule
The 14-week program tackles a home one room each week with a closet counting as a full room. It includes a week for a home office.
Week 1 – Kitchen
Week 2 – Pantry
Week 3 – Dining Room
Week 4 – Launch Pad
Week 5 – Living Room
Week 6 – Master Bedroom
Week 7 – Master Closet
Week 8 – Children's Closets
Week 9 – Linen Closet
Week 10 – Bathrooms
Week 11 – Office/Study
Week 12 – Playroom/Toys
Week 13 – Laundry Room
Week 14 – The Garage

Organize Your Business
While the challenge started out for homes, you can apply it to a business. Simply tackle organization by department, for household rooms that don't apply to a business. Otherwise, use the same weeks. For example, the kitchen week applies to the break room. Your business has bathrooms and closets. Those weeks remain the same. For a substitution example, tackle the executive office when you would clean the master bedroom of a home.

Businesses don't just benefit from a better organized environment that looks good to customers and vendors. An uncluttered, organized space provides a more productive work space. You'll also save money. Using a storage unit frees up your office space for making money. You'll open up areas that could be used for production or to house part- or full-time staff.

Rather than storing tax documents, overstock, or excess office supplies on site, keep them in a storage facility. You don't just save money by freeing work space for work. You can save money by buying items like office supplies or commonly used parts in bulk, then placing them in offsite storage. With the options for storage New Jersey has, your choices remain limitless no matter what you need to stash.



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