Best Ways to Maximize Space in a Self Storage Unit

If you keep placing boxes, items and furniture in your storage unit without a game plan then you will quickly realize that you are running out of space and having a hard time accessing items without passing through your very own obstacle course that you have created.

The solution to maximizing your storage space and keeping things organized within your storage rental is to employ some tips that we have learned over the years in the industry.

Here are the top ways to maximize your storage space rental in New Jersey:

1) Stack your boxes in a strategic way so that you have large boxes on the bottom working your way up to the smallest boxes on the top. While this method may seem like common sense at first, you would be surprised to learn that most of the time people stack boxes without any strategy other than stacking them quickly. Using this strategy will definitely keep things organized and make sure that your boxes do not tip over in your storage unit.

2) Place all of your larger items (furniture, big boxes etc.) against the storage unit walls to allow you to create paths in the "inside" of the furniture wall you just built and also to make the most of the center of your storage unit for your smaller belongings.

3) If you will be placing items such as dressers or book cases in your storage unit then the best thing to do is use them as intended and store smaller possessions inside them to maximize your storage space.

4) Look at your storage unit as if it is a mini city. So you will want to create "roadways" and paths to the most important possessions and have an access path to all sections of the unit. Creating these pathways will allow you to easily access each section of your mini city so that nothing is "blocked in" and also placing the most frequently needed items near the front of the unit will make a lot of sense too.

5) It is best to use storage for items you will use in the near future but not necessarily to store items you were planning on throwing away. Reason being is that you will start to see it as just a place for discarded items rather than a safe place to store your possessions. Our storage facility is easy to access so you can access your goods anytime. For that reason it is best to put items that you don't need on hand at your home but that you will use from time to time (such as your music equipment for your band etc.) This prevents your storage unit getting filled up from top to bottom with stuff you don't even want because that extra "junk" will make it difficult to access the actual items you still want and care about.

If you need some help finding the perfect storage unit in New Jersey, give us a call and we can help you find the perfect climate-controlled and secure storage unit for your possessions.



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