How Parents can Prepare Storage for Returning College Students

As the school semester or school year comes to a close, many college students will be returning home and with them comes a whole bunch of stuff from clothing to furniture and even appliances.

So where does this stuff go? Well if you are a parent and your student is returning home then it means one of two things. Either they will be bringing all of this stuff to your home and hoping to find a place for it or that you will be renting a student storage locker at a local storage facility to house all of their belongings until the next semester starts or they locate an apartment.

If you have a large house or extra storage space within your home then this can be a simple solution to storing your student's goods in between semeseters. If you are short on space then a better option is to rent an affordable storage unit.

The biggest thing to consider with your child is whether to discard, move or store each item. Sometimes the replacement price tag of certain items is very low and it is better to resell them on local classified sites to recoup some money and then repurchase them again when the new semester begins. Other items that have sentimental value are better placed in storage - either at your home or in a storage unit.

Storage units are very affordable and often student discounts are available for short-term storage. Give us a call and we can help you discuss possible options for your student's belongings so that you will have a safe place to keep them and avoid unnecessary replacement costs when they return back to school. Student storage can be a lot more affordable and convenient solution for you.



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