Wine Storage on its side or upright?

When it comes to storing wine and fine wines there are some steps that should be taken to preserve the taste and reduce the risk of your wine spoiling. It's not an old wives tale or a myth as there are actual reasons to store your wine properly. The storage position of your wine depends on the bottling process itself. If your wine bottle doesn't have a cork but rather a screw on top then the position you store your wine won't matter and would be a matter of personal preference as long as you choose appropriate wine storage that prevents the bottle from breaking etc.

If your wine bottle has been sealed with a cork then storing your wine on its side is the best storage method for your wine. The reason being is that when wine is topped with a cork the cork will expand to fill the neck of the bottle which will protect the wine from exposure to oxygen. Over time the cork can dry out and the goal of preserving your wine is to prevent premature oxidation as air can come inside if the cork is dried out.

So the goal is to keep the cork moist for as long as possible. This is where proper wine storage in a humidity controlled storage facility with a cellar can help to keep your wine for long-term storage and preserve the taste.

When wine is stored on its side you will be able to keep the cork moist, at least on that side and the humid storage area can keep the rest of the cork moist.

So when you are considering long term cellaring of your wine, turn to the wine storage pros at Highlands Self Storage for your long term wine storage in a humidity controlled storage cellar designed and built for proper wine storage.



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