DJ and Event Party Equipment Storage

In between wedding events or seasons as well as in between DJ gigs, you may find yourself looking for a safe and secure place to store your fog machines, DJ equipment, lights and other event or party equipment. These items are fragile and need to be stored properly to protect them. Afterall you have invested quite a bit of money in your DJ equipment and event equipment. Protect your investment with a proper storage unit that is climate controlled and designed to protect fragile items like electronics.

You will want to get a storage unit that is a good size to ensure you can store your equipment free from clutter. It is not a good idea to stack things on top of them or have them stored where they could potentially fall or tip over. Depending on the amount of equipment you have, you may need a smaller storage unit or an upgraded large storage unit if you have a lot of DJ equipment to store in our storage facility in New Jersey.

Another benefit of storing your DJ equipment in a storage unit is that you will have easy access to your equipment when needed but you will keep your home clutter-free so that you can enjoy your home without risking your equipment getting damaged by guests.

By far, the most significant benefit though of a storage unit is climate control. Your exensive DJ equipment needs to be stored somewhere that the temperature is controlled and these storage units are sealed off from allowing excessive dust to build up as compared to home storage where your DJ equipment will be exposed to dust buildup as well as varying temperatures that can damage your equipment.

So in between gigs, store your DJ equipment in our self storage facility in New Jersey. Our storage units are affordable, easy to access and spacious enough to house small amounts as well as large amounts of DJ equipment.



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