How to Properly Store Your Wine After Opening the Bottle

When it comes to wine storage, you need to be aware that the main reason wine spoils is because of exposure to oxygen. When you open the bottle, oxygen rushes in and oxygen is teh enemy of wine. It is important to keep your wine stored properly to avoid spoiling your special bottles of wine.

If you are looking for long term storage of wine then our storage facility in New Jersey is the perfect solution for wine storage in New Jersey. If you are just looking for a temporary solutin of storage or your wine after you have opened the bottle because you don't plan on finishing the bottle within the next day then there are some helpful tips to make sure that your wine stores properly to enjoy it as if it was just opened.

There are some devices on the market that claim to vaccuum out the air but the reality is that once the bottle is open, oxygen will find its way into the bottle. The goal is to limit the exposure to oxygen and light ultimately to a bare minimum.

According to some professional wine bloggers, the best thing to do is to put the cork back in. The cork is designed for this purpose and if you flip the cork upside down you will be able to insert it back into the neck of the bottle.

The second enemy of wine after oxygen is light and heat. You will want to store your wine in a cool and dark place because wine will start to cook at 80 degrees Fahrenheit so if you live in a warm climate then you will want to make sure that your wine is not outside of a refrigerator for too long to prevent premature spoiling of your wine.

These tips can help you store your opened wine properly to make sure that you can enjoy each bottle to the fullest. Please enjoy responsibly and enjoy your fresh wine, even after days of opening the bottle.



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