Is climate controlled storage worth the extra cost?

There are many times when basic storage units are all you need to store your goods but there are many scenarios when you need temperature controlled storage units in New Jersey and the benefits of a climate controlled storage unit will be well worth any additional storage costs.


Some storage units even offer advanced humidity control for added peace of mind when storing certain more fragile valuables. Climate controlled storage in New Jersey is especially needed when storing things like antiques, musical instruments, electronics, or fine art. Without proper climate control these types of items can degrade quickly.


Another added bonus that is often overlooked when customers rent a storage unit is the overall air quality. With indoor climate controlled storage units, the air is constantly changing and filtered. This means that you won't have to open your storage unit just to get some fresh air inside. If you are planning to store electronics or documents and papers then a climate controlled storage unit is an absolute must!


With indoor climate controlled storage units, the storage facility and unit is sealed to prevent excessive buildup of dust and particles. If you aren't planning to visit your storage unit frequently and cleaning the tops of your storage containers then this can be very helpful as it is almost like having a maid service that comes in each day to clean your unit. There is nothing worse than opening your basic storage unit to find everything is covered in dust. This is especially true with electronics that can stop operating or operate poorly over time if dust builds up inside.


If you plan to store some antique furniture then humidity controlled storage units are necessary to prevent your antique furniture from warping, cracking, or rotting If there’s too much moisture in the air. With a climate controlled storage unit you can safely store your antique furniture for long periods of time whether it be a few months, a few years or even a decade.


So when you consider renting a self storage unit in New Jersey you should strongly consider a humidity controlled storage unit if you plan to store antique furniture, clothing, electronics, documents or other temperature sensitive items.



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