Save Money and Share a Storage Unit with Your College Roommate

If you are going to college or have children attending college then you likely know better than anyone how much of a hassle it can be to transport furniture back and forth from place to place in between semesters. Rather than lugging your furniture back and forth between your parents home and apartments in between semesters, take advantage of a storage unit. Furthermore, student housing and smaller apartments are usually short on storage space and if you have items you use often but do not have the space for in your apartment such as bicycles or kayaks etc. you can use storage units as a second closet.

Another aspect of student life is living economically as you likely have student loans or little income coming in and high priced books to buy for your studies. Cut your costs down by sharing a storage unit with your roommate. The benefit is that you each will have access to the unit when you need it with the bonus of only paying for your half. This can help you increase your available space for your belongings without putting too much pressure on your wallet so you can enjoy other things on campus life with your extra cash.

Since you are already sharing your living space with your roommate, you likely have a decent relationship and are familiar with sharing space with this person or persons. That will make it easy to share storage space as you have already established boundaries and are comfortable with being in each others' space.

So before you head back to college for the next semester, talk with your roommate about sharing a storage unit. It will be affordable and offer you both extra space for many things without putting a squeeze on your wallet.



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