How to Pack Your Moving Truck Like a Pro

Deciding how to pack a moving truck is like playing a furniture Tetris game, your goal is to help you fill your valuables with the least stress. Of course, there are strategies that increase your chances of winning – and by winning, it means making your new items or storage units, without breaking down all your possessions and keeping your mind firmly in place.

How to Start a Moving Truck Packing Plan

For example, if it takes twice as long to build a truck, it will pay and it will take half an hour to empty the other end, he said. And things are less likely to break.

A number used by many professional carriers is to divide an empty moving truck into three horizontal layers (top, middle and bottom). Starting from the heavy materials on the back, side and bottom of the truck, the steps are layered by folding down the sections gradually.

Build a Strong Base with Your Box or Furniture in Your Moving Truck

To lift your forklift to a higher and higher level you need to have a strong base that can be box or heavy furniture.

The last thing you want to see when opening the package is a scratch on your expensive chiffon or a hole in your leather back. Therefore, the moving professionals swear by stretch winding.


It is important to take extra precautions to protect your mattresses and box springs, because they are stuffed into a moving truck.

If they are too heavy to lift them in a bag, you can drag them to the truck too. You should wrap the beds tightly to the side of the truck, towards the front of the truck. By doing this, they become a protection bar for everything behind and among them.

The movers suggest that the big mirrors, pictures and pictures slip between the mural on the wall and the box arc.



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