Get A Grip On A Good Wine Opener

We’re sure you’re tired of having to struggle with the frustrating wine opener that gives you hell to use. It’s annoying and embarrassing. Why deal with that?

You don’t have to – what you need to do is give up on your old one and go on the hunt for a new one. • Despite what is commonly thought, a good wine opener is less of a corkscrew and more of a coil.

Many people have that misconception.

• Your wine opener needs to be very sturdy. It should give you a good grip so that you’ll be able to pierce through the cork.

• The end of the opener must we firm and very sharp, else it wouldn’t even be able to pierce the cork.

• The screw needs to be particular length too. It shouldn’t be too short or it would not go all in and there may not be enough leverage to pull it out. That might cause your screw to break in half and you definitely don’t want that to happen. Ensure that the screw can go deep into the cork.

• A foil cutter on a wine opener is great too. It’s basically a tiny knife you can tuck on the side of the opener to cut away the outer capsule.

Get a fine wine opener for your fine bottle of wine, so that when you’re ready to choose one from your collection, you’ll have no problems opening up to that savory liquid. We can offer you professional grade wine storage for your wine collection and we can also get advice about storing your wine at home. Give us a call to discuss the climate controlled and secure wine storage options we have available to keep your fine wines safely stored in our wine storage facility in New Jersey.



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