Tips For Preparing Your Suede Boots For Seasonal Storage

A very fashionable aspect of any wardrobe is suede. Suede jackets, suede hats, suede bags, suede boots and more. Although they look great, they require careful treatment and care in order to ensure they remain looking and functioning well as time progresses. We’re going to show you what you need to do to prepare your suede boots for storage.


  • You need to properly clean your boots before you store them. Don’t clean them with water, because liquids tend to affect the color and texture off the suede. Instead, use talcum powder or cornmeal to soak up stains before they set in or even use a towel dampened with vinegar to blot the stain out. If those tricks don’t work, you should have them brought to a professional cleaner to work on it so that there are no minute traces of dirt, which can develop mild or mildew in your boots.


  • You should seal your suede boots as well. All you have to do is buy a protective treating spray and apply a thin layer to your boots to act as a sealant that will protect your boots from dirt and stains for several months.


  • You need to let the suede breathe as well. Don’t store it in a plastic container, slip them into a cotton pillowcase or storage bag, so that the boots can receive sufficient air circulation while in storage.


  • You should also remember that the area you need to store your boots in, should be cool and dry. Never leave suede boots exposed to direct sunlight when you aren’t using them, or else they will fade. Don’t leave them exposed to humidity either, or else they will become damp and mildew.


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